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Intermer Industries - Electric Motors made Menzel Elektromotoren

Intermer Industries is a company with the activity of trading with electric motors produced by the German company Menzel Elektromotoren, having a history and tradition of nearly 90 years in electric machine production.

Both the head office and the production are in Berlin, but the company has branches in countries such as Great Britain, France, Sweden, Italy and Spain and also partners throughout the world.

The company's stocks in Germany reach 20.000 motors of various powers, of low or high voltage, in alternating current or direct current.

Menzel Elektromotoren motors have been present in the Romanian market since 2007 in various industries, as well as in agriculture.

I believe that Menzel Elektromotoren is the most serious company in the field from the Romanian market as, during our collaboration, it proved seriousness, flexibility, quick adaptability to the needs and demands of clients in the country offering motors of an extraordinary quality Pastae Bogdan - Supervisor and General Manager